Honorary Vice Presidents


The following are all Honorary Vice Presidents of the Old Salopian Golfing Society:

Tony Duerr – Former OSGS President. In 1959, at Burnham & Berrow, Tony Duerr won the Reserves Match for Cambridge (called the Dinner Match as the losers pay for the dinner), with six 3s, including two eagles on his last 10 holes: as described in the Daily Telegraph by Leonard Crawley. On the 17th he struck a 7 iron from a bunker all of 180 yards to reach the green and win the match. In 1962, Tony Duerr was one of only 7 golfers in all Cheshire to play off scratch.

Will Painter – Former OSGS Honorary Secretary for over 20 years

Tim Lewis – Former OSGS Honorary Secretary for over 20 years

Anthony Parsons – who has played in over 100 Halford Hewitt Matches

Robert Lanyon  – has attended many, many OS meetings over a long period of time, assisting in their running. He has also acted as a golf teacher over the years to many of the boys. He is a past professional, and in his later years was Secretary of a Golf Club. He has played in the Mellin for a number of years in various age categories.

Sandy Bell – for many years ran the QECST – Queen Elizabeth Coronation Schools Trophy in Scotland. Sandy was joint founder of the Scottish Tour. He often came down to the Halford Hewitt as a supporter.

These final two individuals have supported the OSGS for many years and their significant contributions to our Golf Society “over and above the norm” were recognized by them being given this Honour