At 6 o’clock on the evening of July 21, 1929, the first meeting of the Committee of the Old Salopian Golfing Society was held at the New House, The Schools.

It was decided that (i) a circular should be sent to all members of the Old Salopian Club informing them that a Golfing Society had been formed and inviting them to send in their applications for membership and that (ii) a playing meeting should be held before the beginning of the next term. Blackwell near Bromsgrove was suggested as a suitable course.

The Committee drafted a number of rules which were to be discussed and finally passed at the first general meeting.

The following were present:  J H Tombling, J M West, F G Corser, S F Bennett, H J Leake, R M Stow,

K B Banks and the Honorary Secretary, A T Barber.

A meeting of the Committee was held at the New House, The Schools on Sunday, September 8, 1929 for the purpose of electing members of the Society. The names of 109 members are recorded.

The Honorary Secretary informed the Committee that arrangements for the first playing meeting of the Society were now complete. It was to be held at Blackwell on Sunday, September 22, 1929.

A medal round was to be played in the morning and four-ball matches in the afternoon.

The first playing meeting involved 32 members. The winner of the Silver Spoon was J B Davies – 84 -11 = 73.

At a meeting of the Committee on Wednesday, November 6, 1929, the Honorary Secretary informed those present that the Society’s entry for the Halford Hewitt Cup had been officially accepted for the competition to be played at Deal in April 1930.

On Sunday, June 1st 1930, a Society side, got up by RS Hall, played a match against the Seaford Head Golf Club. The Society were victorious.

A playing meeting was held on Sunday, September 21, 1930 on the Cavendish Course, Buxton.

A medal round was played in the morning when the following prizes were competed for:

(i) the Captain’s prize, an ancient putter kindly presented to the Society by E F Storey, to be played for under lowest club handicap.

(ii) a Silver Spoon presented by the Society for the best scratch score

(iii) optional sweepstake.

In the play-off after lunch, A Macbeth (Scratch) returned a score of 77 and thus won the Captain’s prize from E F Corser 84-6 =78.

The third playing meeting of the Society was held at Stoke Poges on Saturday, April 25, 1931. Over 30 members had accepted to play but owing to continuous torrential rain only 22 reached the clubhouse. No serious golf was attempted.

On Sunday, July 5th 1931, a society played a match against a side collected by E F Francis.

It was originally intended to play the Old Reptonian Golfing Society but they failed to raise a side and the services of several members of the Frilford Heath Golf Club (on whose course the match was played) were enlisted to complete the Reptonian team. Fourball matches were played all day.

At the second General meeting of the Society on July 19th, 1931, members were urged to broadcast to their Old Salopian friends the fact that the Society was in being.

It was further resolved that a paragraph be inserted on the last page of the last solo of each term, in order to bring to the notice of all subscribers of that periodical the conditions of membership of the golfing Society.

It was announced that the Society had entered for the competition for the Halford Hewitt cup from 1932 and that the necessary accommodation in deal had been booked by the Hon Sec.

The fourth playing meeting of the Society was held at Sandiway on Sunday, September 20th, 1931. 14 members returned cards.

At a meeting of the committee on Sunday, September 20, it was resolved that the Honorary Secretary send a letter to those members who have not yet joined the OS club, pointing out that the committee will have to remove their names from the list of members unless they comply with the rules of the Society.

The fifth playing meeting was held at Stoke Poges on Saturday, September 26, 1931. The attendance was most disappointing, only 14 members arriving to play, thus confirming the view that Society meetings will be most popular when held in the Midlands or North.

A sixth playing meeting of the Society was held at Beau Desert Golf Club, Staffordshire on Sunday, April 24th, 1932. 40 members took part in the meeting, which was voted by all a great success.

Two trophies were competed for at this meeting for the first time:

(i) a Silver Salver presented unconditionally to the Society by Allan Macbeth.

(ii) A Silver Bowl presented by R S Hall, in memory of the Reverend G T Hall, Housemaster of Rigg’s Hall – to be called the ‘Tommy ‘Hall Bowl.

The Allan Macbeth salver was won by J S Smith with a score of 82.

The ‘Tommy Hall bowl was won by T W Shaw 89-9=80.

Though J S Smith with a handicap of seven had the best net score, it was decided that one player could not carry off more than one trophy.

OSGS v. Seaford Head Golf Club on Sunday, June 5, 1932, with side collected by R S Hall.

OSGS won 6 ½ to 5 ½. The afternoon fourball matches resulted in a victory for OSGS by 4 matches to 2.

OSGS v. Old Reptonians, played at Frilford Heath on Sunday, October 16, 1932. OSGS lost by 7 to 14 points.

The seventh playing meeting of the Society was held at Wrexham G.C on Sunday, September 18, 1932, when 39 members attended.

The eighth playing meeting of the Society was held on Sunday, April 30th 1933 at Beau Desert, Staffordshire. 35 members came to play and had a thoroughly enjoyable meeting.

A committee meeting was held at the New House on July 23rd 1933. It was resolved that the Society’s booklet be issued yearly.

Autumn meeting in the North: (Ninth playing meeting)

a successful meeting at which 54 members attended was held at Delamere Forest golf club on Sunday, September 24, 1933.

In the morning, a competition was held against ’Bogey’ for the ’Todwick Tankard’, presented for annual competition by the Barber family.

End of entries in Minute Book as recorded by Tim Lewis, recently Retired Hon Sec, 21 Nov 2018

More recently the OSGS had had some notable successes in the Public School Golfing competitions  that we have entered with the following recent results:

Semi-Finalists Halford Hewitt 2016,

Winners of the GL ‘Susie’ Mellin Salver in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2018

Winners of the Bunny Millard Salver in 2012 & 2013

Winners of the Peter Burles Salver in 2017 & 2021